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Banner Care

Some banners are inexpensive items purchased for a 1 time special event, meant to be discarded after a week or two.

In other instances, they represent a significant investment that will be used over and over again. In that case, it pays to know how to care for your investment. Banners last longer when properly stored. That means rolled up, either around a cardboard core and/or rolled and put into a canvas storage case. Folding can sometimes cause creases that over time will show up when the banner is hung. Canvas storage bags are available and help keep the ropes and banner from slipping apart when storing and handling.

If the banner has been laminated with a protective clear coat, then the laminate side should always be rolled to the outside to prevent tunneling.

Consider your storage facility. It needn't be elaborate, but it shouldn't be subject to extreme temperature variations either.

Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is an electrical switch for turning a circuit off and on. It differs from a mechanical switch, which is usually made of copper and plastic parts: a membrane switch is a circuit printed on a PET substrate (Polyethylene tephthalate). The ink used for screen printing the business part of the switch is usually mixed with copper, silver or graphite powder which creates its conductive qualities.
The ASTM defines a membrane switch as a momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on, or made of, a flexible substrate.

A membrane switch usually consist of 2 - 4 layers of PET:
1.    The first layer PET with circuit printed
2.    Second layer acting as a spacer can be another PET film.
3.    Third layer as a circuit closer.
4.    The front panel, a PVC or Polycarbonate layer with button pattern and picture printed
Classic applications include microwave oven panel, air conditioner control panel, TV remote control , etc. Tactile feedback of keys can be provided by embossing the top PET layer or embedding metal snap domes.

Membrane switches are a technical challenge that many screen printers shy away from. We embrace the challenge and have successfully  produced many membrane switch constructions. A well crafted membrane switch sells products. The membrane switch is the interface between the human (customer) and the electronics innards of a device. You can have the best electronics in the world, but a sloppy or shoddy membrane switch interface will undermine the impression the customer has of the quality of your product.

We have the skills, experience, and expertise to produce membrane switches which will do more than simply function properly. Our attention to detail and precision will also create that all important impression and feel of quality the customer is looking for.  

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