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Viewing Distance:

When designing an outdoor sign or poster, let the final viewing distance be your guide. What reads well on the computer screen or in the coffee table photo book or magazine usually fails when viewed from '40 feet away at 40 miles an hour'.

Your motto should be "Keep it Simple, Clean and Direct". Don't judge your design from arm's length. Look at it on screen from across the room, tape a print on a wall and walk past it. Be harsh, look at it through the eyes of someone who is not 'in love' with what was just created and has no idea what the message is. Does it work? Keep your message to the point. Remember that a poster and a brochure serve different purposes.

Backlit Graphics
Backlit panels are digitally reverse printed on a translucent media, typically polyster. Producing richly saturated backlit panels while also controlling gain and posterization requires the right combination of technology, media and ink, but perhaps even more importantly experience. The best technology in the world is useless without highly skilled and experienced digital technicians operating it. We have been producing backlit graphics on a consistent basis for 10 years now. We better have it figured out by now, and we do.
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