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Choosing fonts:

Font choices for displays or larger signage should be simple and easily readable...in other words...BOOORRING...

Well not exactly, there are still some tricks to make your message both informative and interesting to the eye. Vary the size of the words and make your most important message jump out. That doesn't mean using 21 pt text vs. 24 pt text. Go for it - try your key words at twice the size of your support copy. Vary the font weight. Use all caps in one or two places. Create interest with underlines or outlines, but be choosey. A black outline in one or two places works - around every word it has no impact.

Posters/Wall Graphics
A wide variety of wall graphics display systems are available from Advertising Creations, from the simple and practical to the museum quality. In larger quantities posters and wall graphics are typically screen printed, depending on the image. In smaller quantities posters and wall graphics are digitally printed. Posters and wall graphics can be laminated and mounted to a wide variety of substrates. A partial list of common substrates include poster board, expanded foam pvc, styrene, various foam graphic arts board. Mounted posters can be finished in a variety of ways including framing and hanging fixtures and hardware. Some wall graphics can be mounted directly to a wall for permanent installations.
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