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Color Choices

Color choices can make or break a good sign. When choosing colors for your yard signs, keep the '40 feet away at 40 miles an hour' rule in mind. Keep the color contrast high: black and white, black and yellow, white text on intense colored backgrounds, black or intense colors on white backgrounds. As a rule, white text on an intensely colored background, such as white on bright red, can 'sparkle' and be more readable than two equally bold colors, such as bright blue on bright red, which only fight for your eye's attention.

Magnetic Signs
Magnets are available in 20 and 30 mil thicknesses. Magnets are a staple of the promotional segment of our business. Refrigerator magnets are an excellent choice as give-aways at trade shows and for mass mailings. Vehicle magnets are another segment of the market. Vehicle magnets are ideal whenever it is desirable to be able to remove business identification information at will. Magnetic vinyls for vehicles now come with specialized coatings to prevent the magnets from marring the surface of the car’s paint. Magnets can be screenprinted or digitally printed. Both the type of image desired and the quantities desired determine which method is best.
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