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These days, anyone with a computer and some basic software is a designer...or so they think. Companies who used to hire layout artists or agencies now sometimes push those design jobs on to assistants, secretaries or receptionists, usually with mixed results. Some projects look great, others suffer from poor design and color choices and do not convey maximum message impact and eye appeal. The worst cases are projects created in programs not appropriate for professional output devices. That translates to extra expense as your printer spends time cleaning up or even recreating the file your assistant labored over for the past week. In most cases, going with a professional can be the most cost effective solution. Consider letting our staff at Advertising Creations help create effective and eye catching signage for you.

Steel Rule Die Cutting
Steel rule die cutting is a common process used to cut a range of sheet materials including paper, cardboard, rubber and plastics. Most standard cardboard boxes and packages are made using this relatively straightforward technique. In addition to cutting out shapes, steel rule die cutting can be used to create creases, perforations and slits. Steel rule die cutting provides precise and clean cutting. Steel rule die cutting of pressure sensitive materials (label sets, decals, etc) can be either a kiss cut or a cut through. In the former the backing of a pressure sensitive sheet is left intact. In the latter the substrate is cut all the way through. Dies for repeat jobs are stored here.
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