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Color Choices

Color choices can make or break a good sign. When choosing colors for your yard signs, keep the '40 feet away at 40 miles an hour' rule in mind. Keep the color contrast high: black and white, black and yellow, white text on intense colored backgrounds, black or intense colors on white backgrounds. As a rule, white text on an intensely colored background, such as white on bright red, can 'sparkle' and be more readable than two equally bold colors, such as bright blue on bright red, which only fight for your eye's attention.

Realty Signs

Advertising Creations can help you design and produce realty signs in almost any size on many different substrates. Screen printing inks, whether spot colors or 4 color process, are weather proof and color fast. Whether you need 1 season card sign or a durable metal sign, we can help. All signs can be produced either 1 or 2 sided and we supply a variety of step stakes.

Economical Choices for seasonal signs:

· Card Stock.  Our card stock signs are printed on 24-point polyethylene coated card (polyboard). This material will easily stand up to summer rains. The 2 sided polyboard signs are double bumped scored so that they easily fold over and be stapled to yard sign wires. Many of our customers staple the signs to wires themselves to save money.

· Coroplast (fluted polyethylene). Coroplast signs are typically screen printed, and either 1 or 2 sided. Standard sizes range from 24” x 18” all the way up full 4’ x 8’. A variety of sign stakes are available which slip up into the flutes of the Coroplast, making the stake almost invisible. Stakes range from lightweight, throwaway models to heavier gauge wire which will stand up to repeated use. For more impact, Coroplast signs can be die cut into unique shapes. Coroplast is more long wearing than the polyboard.

Repeated Use signs:

· Metal. Metal realty signs are printed on enamel-clad aluminum. Various gauges and sizes are available. Our enamel inks result in a colorfast, durable sign that will last for years. A variety of heavy-duty angle iron sign holders are available for aluminum signs with standard dimensions of 24” x 18”. Different holders allow the option of signs with or without riders.

· Sandwich Boards.  Foldable sandwich boards are a great choice when durability and portability is important. Boards are available in metal or plastic in various shapes and sizes. Graphics can be permanently affixed or made to be easily changeable. Special dry erase laminate allows you to customize the same sign again and again.



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