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Choosing fonts:

Font choices for displays or larger signage should be simple and easily readable...in other words...BOOORRING...

Well not exactly, there are still some tricks to make your message both informative and interesting to the eye. Vary the size of the words and make your most important message jump out. That doesn't mean using 21 pt text vs. 24 pt text. Go for it - try your key words at twice the size of your support copy. Vary the font weight. Use all caps in one or two places. Create interest with underlines or outlines, but be choosey. A black outline in one or two places works - around every word it has no impact.

Window Decals

Let Advertising Creations be your 1 stop source for window decals.  We make inside or outside viewing using cut vinyl letters, screen printed, or digitally printed graphics. Any of these formats yield bright, durable graphics and are available in static cling surface, or temporary or permanent adhesive backing. When ordering, it is important to specify how the decals will be applied so your product can be created with the adhesive or cling layer on the correct side. Decals are also available with a double sided image such as the security label shown below. 


Inside window decals are typically reverse or second surface printed on clear static cling vinyl or on clear pressure sensitive vinyl, with or without a white backing layer. These are meant to be read through the window glass. 

'Outside' decals or cut vinyl graphics are applied and viewed on top of the glass.

Double-sided decals show the image right reading both sides.   

Some examples are:

· Parking Permits (typically inside window) 
· Vehicle Park Passes (typically inside window)
· Logo Graphics (inside or outside)
· Firearms Restricted    (inside or outside) 
· Campaign Advertising (inside or outside)
· Storefront Advertising (inside or outside)
· Refrigerator Unit Window Graphics (inside or outside)
· School Spirit Decals (inside or outside)
· Store Hours Decals (inside or outside) 


MidWiscSubstrates include:  
· Static Cling vinyl – White or clear
· Cast vinyl – Clear or solid colors
· Polyester – Clear or white
· Translucent Vinyl
· Digital Vinyl

· Metallic Vinyl 

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